Yonex Power Cushion SHT 306 White/Red Tennis Shoes

Yonex Power Cushion SHT 306 White/Red Tennis Shoes (Yonex, Shoes)
The Yonex Power Cushion SHT 306 is the latest generation Yonex tennis shoe for the U.S. market. The SHT 306 offers new cosmetics with all of the performance of the last generation SHT 305. Outstanding cushioning, lightweight, and surprisingly stable, the SHT 306 is an all-around performer! Worn by David Nalbandian and Lleyton Hewitt.

Color: White/Red/Silver/Black

  • Upper:synthetic leather
  • Outsole:Round Sole, Endurance Rubber
  • Midsole: Super EVA, Power Cushion, TPU, Graphite sheet

    YONEX POWER CUSHION:Drop an egg onto the Power Cushion and it will bounce back without breaking. A new technology from Yonex, Power Cushion, with superb shock-absorption and repulsion power for the next generation in shoe design. Are you satisfied with a shoe that only minimizes shock? Power Cushion Technology responds to quick and sharp movements by transforming shock into kinetic energy. Furthermore, this unique characteristic reduces muscle fatigue on your legs, so you are fresher going into the fifth and final set.

    YONEX ROUND SOLE:Round Sole provides a feeling of increased comfort while maximizing the transfer of body energy into every shot. With Round Sole positioned on the side and heel of the shoe, it prevents any awkward landings and permits quick, smooth footwork around the court.

    Average weight: 14.2 oz. (Size 10.5)
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